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Protecting a connection between a Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry device and an enterprise Wi-Fi network

A Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry® device is designed to connect to enterprise Wi-Fi networks that use the IEEE® 802.11® standard. The IEEE® 802.11i™ standard uses the IEEE® 802.1X™ standard for authentication and key management to protect enterprise Wi-Fi networks. The IEEE 802.11i standard specifies that organizations must use the PSK protocol or the IEEE 802.1X standard as the access control methods for Wi-Fi networks.

When you configure a Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry device to use an enterprise Wi-Fi network, you must configure the enterprise Wi-Fi network and BlackBerry device to protect all message data and application data that the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and BlackBerry device send to each other. For example, to help protect data, you can configure the BlackBerry device to authenticate with the enterprise Wi-Fi network before the BlackBerry device can access the enterprise Wi-Fi network. You can also configure the BlackBerry device and the enterprise Wi-Fi network to encrypt any communication that they send to each other.

For more information about protecting an enterprise Wi-Fi network, see the documentation from your organization’s Wi-Fi solution provider.

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