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BlackBerry Smart Card Reader

The BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader is an accessory that, when used in proximity to a Bluetooth® enabled BlackBerry device or a Bluetooth enabled computer, permits a user to authenticate with a smart card and log in to the BlackBerry device or computer.

The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader is designed to perform the following actions:
  • communicate with BlackBerry devices and computers using Bluetooth technology version 1.1 or later and, by default, use AES-256 encryption on the application layer
  • permit a user to use two-factor authentication to access BlackBerry services and PKI applications
  • permit a user to digitally sign and encrypt email messages and receive encrypted messages on the BlackBerry device when the user installs the S/MIME Support Package for BlackBerry® smartphones
  • store all encryption keys in RAM only and never write the keys to flash memory

The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader permits a user to prove the user’s identity to the BlackBerry device or a computer using what the user has (smart card) and what the user knows (smart card password).

For more information, see the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader Security Technical Overview.

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