Set permissions on the shared folder for network access

The network access feature uses a folder on a separate computer to act as a network computer. The user account that is used to test network access must have both security permissions and sharing permissions for the folder so that it can create files in and copy files from the folder.
  1. On the computer that hosts the folder that is used for network access, right-click the folder. Click Properties.
  2. On the Sharing tab, click Share this Folder.
  3. Click Permissions.
  4. Beside all permissions, select the Allow check boxes.
  5. Click OK.
  6. On the Security tab, click the name of the login account or the group containing the user account that the BlackBerry® Infrastructure and Smartphone Simulator uses to test network access.
  7. Beside the following permissions, select the Allow check boxes:
    • Full Control
    • Modify
    • Read & Execute
    • List Folder Contents
    • Read
    • Write
  8. Click OK.

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