Backing up and restoring BlackBerry Enterprise Server information

Back up Microsoft Exchange mailboxes

Verify that the user accounts and the user mailboxes exist.
To use the information in the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, including the BlackBerry Configuration Database, with the BlackBerry® Performance Engineering Resource Kit, you must back up both the BlackBerry Configuration Database and the user mailboxes. You use the backups in your test environment to create a duplicate of your organization's environment.
  1. Stop the Microsoft® Exchange Information Store service.
  2. Browse to C:\Program Files\Exchsrv.
  3. Create a backup folder.
  4. Copy the MDBData file into the backup folder that you created.
  5. Start the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service again.

Restore the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and user mailboxes from backups

  • Verify that backups of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and the user mailboxes exist.
  • Verify that both backups were made at the same time.
  1. In your test environment, stop the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  2. On the computer that hosts the Microsoft® SQL Server® and the BlackBerry Configuration Database, restore the backup of the BlackBerry Configuration Database.
  3. On the computer that hosts the messaging server, restore the backup of the user mailboxes from the appropriate backup folder. For more information about restoring backups, see the documentation for the messaging server.
  4. Start the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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