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Properties of a contact lookup simulation

When you specify a criteria for contact lookup requests in a workload profile in the BlackBerry® Infrastructure and Smartphone Simulator, you can change the following properties:

  • whether the criteria for contact lookup requests are generated from email messages that the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server sends or from the information that you provide
  • the text to find in the user directory
  • whether the criterion is a first name, last name, or a company name
  • the number of contact lookup requests that the BlackBerry Infrastructure and Smartphone Simulator sends to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for each user account in an 8-hour period

You can use the Populate from live data feature when you want to check whether contact lookup searches work but you do not have specific criteria. The BlackBerry Infrastructure and Smartphone Simulator stores information from the email messages that it receives, and uses this information for contact lookup requests. For example, if the BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends an email message to Marc Gervais, the simulator stores the name and company, and might later send a contact lookup request using this information. The BlackBerry Infrastructure and Smartphone Simulator does not require that the email address is associated with a BlackBerry device user.

You can add specific criteria for contact lookup searches if you want to test a specific issue, such as an odd character set or some other edge condition.

You cannot specify criteria and populate from live data in one workload profile in one contact lookup request. If you specify even one text string in a workload profile for a contact lookup request, you must specify all criteria for contact lookup requests.

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