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Best practice: Troubleshooting a BlackBerry Performance Engineering Resource Kit test environment

Consider the following guidelines:

  • Verify that your test environment is in a single Windows® domain.
  • Verify that your test environment is in a single BlackBerry® Domain.
  • Isolate components of the test environment by installing them at different times and testing the installations.
  • Add components one at a time until an issue appears.
  • Before you add a component, verify that the performance monitor for the computer is turned on.
  • Add components in the following order:
    • messaging server
    • load generator for the messaging server
    • basic BlackBerry® Enterprise Server configuration, including the BlackBerry Configuration Database
    • BlackBerry Load Test Configuration Tool
    • BlackBerry Infrastructure and Smartphone Simulator
    • additional BlackBerry Enterprise Server components
    • additional components that do not belong to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Check all running components for issues, because the source of an issue is sometimes not in the component that reports the issue. For example, the BlackBerry Load Test Configuration Tool generates an error message if it cannot open a SOAP connection, but the issue is typically in the network or web service.
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