BlackBerry Infrastructure and Smartphone Simulator Features




browses the web sites that you specify, if you have the BlackBerry® MDS Connection Service

calendar information

supports sending meeting invitations from the simulated BlackBerry devices as well as sending and receiving other calendar information, calendar entry recurrence, multiple recipients for calendar information, the Free/Busy status, and updates to calendar entries

contact lookup

supports contact lookup requests, either with addresses taken from your existing users or specified manually so you can test text strings and addresses you choose

detailed statistics

reports bytes transferred in both compressed and uncompressed forms for both higher level protocols (such as GME and SRP) and each application protocol, and can be tuned to exclude statistics you do not want

email messages

simulates email messages to and from BlackBerry devices that are outside a wireless coverage area, email messages of various file sizes, email messages with different numbers of recipients

email message attachments

supports any file attachment types that the unmodified BlackBerry® Enterprise Server supports

multiple BlackBerry® Enterprise Server

supports each BlackBerry Enterprise Server instance in a BlackBerry Domain

organizer data

synchronizes organizer data the same way that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server does

remote search for email messages

searches email messages on the test environment's messaging server and on BlackBerry device of user


generates a report that includes all statistics for all active BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances in the BlackBerry Domain

uploading and downloading files

simulates how users of BlackBerry devices upload and download files using their devices

workload profile

specifies the amount of work that each BlackBerry Enterprise Server does, and what types of messages each BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends and receives; each BlackBerry Enterprise Server can have its own workload profile

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