Best practice: Setting up a test environment

When you plan your test environment, consider the following questions:

  • Does the test environment require an Internet connection? If the test environment has no connection and you want to test the BlackBerry® MDS Connection Service component of a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, you must provide web sites and a web server.
  • Are you planning on testing multiple versions of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or messaging server software? You can test only one instance of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server at a time, but you can test the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and a messaging server at the same time. If you want to install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or a messaging server on a virtual machine, consider that the virtual machine is slower than the same physical computer.
  • What is the purpose of the test environment? A test environment for checking the effects of upgrading to a newer version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server has a different focus from a test environment for checking the effects of changing computer hardware.
  • Will the test environment be long-term? Will the test environment exist for a specific circumstance, such as testing a modification of the messaging server, or will it be used for several cycles of software updates and changes? You might accept limitations from a short-term test environment that can cause problems in a long-term test environment.
  • Are you going to automate performance tests, and if so, how? The BlackBerry® Performance Engineering Resource Kit and the load generator run for long periods of time. Is it worth the additional time and effort to create scripts to automate some parts of the test environment?
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