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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Policy Reference Guide

  • understanding BlackBerry® Enterprise Server IT policy rules and application control policy rules
  • using IT policies and application control policies

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security Technical Overview

  • understanding how the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is designed to help protect data that is in transit between a BlackBerry device and a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or your organization's LAN
  • managing security settings for all devices
  • understanding the algorithms that the RIM® Cryptographic API provides
  • understanding the TLS and WTLS standards that the RIM Cryptographic API supports
  • understanding the memory scrub process that occurs on the device when content protection is turned on

BlackBerry Java Development Environment Fundamentals Guide

  • understanding BlackBerry APIs in the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment
  • understanding APIs, classes, and methods with limited access
  • retrieving custom IT policy rules from the IT policy API
  • installing applications using the BlackBerry® Desktop Software
  • publishing applications over the wireless network

BlackBerry Java Applications Accessibility Development Guide

  • understanding how to design accessible applications for the BlackBerry device

Protecting the BlackBerry Device Platform Against Malware

  • understanding the default behavior of the device
  • understanding malware vulnerabilities on the device
  • managing the risk of malware attacks
  • using IT policy rules, application control rules, and code signing to help contain malware on the device
  • understanding BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution security

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