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Deleting all device data from the BlackBerry device memory

A BlackBerry® device is designed to permanently delete the following data from the NV store, flash memory, and on-board device memory:
  • all user data
  • any references to your organization’s PIN encryption key
  • any references to the device transport key
  • if applicable, authentication information (for example, the binding information of the smart card)
  • IT policy public key
  • if you are resetting the BlackBerry device to the factory default settings, any references to past hashes of the BlackBerry device password
  • record of time elapsed since the BlackBerry device was last turned on
  • if you are resetting the BlackBerry device to the factory default settings, stored IT policy
  • If specified, all third-party applications and application data

If you or a user turns on content protection, the BlackBerry device uses a memory-scrubbing process to overwrite the flash memory on the BlackBerry device and the on-board BlackBerry device memory. The memory-scrubbing process complies with United States government requirements for deleting sensitive user data, including US Department of Defense Directive 5220.22-M and NIST Special Publication 800-88.

For BlackBerry® Device Software versions 5.0 and later, if you configure the Media Card Format on Device Wipe IT policy rule the BlackBerry device can also delete all user data from a media card. By default, the user can choose to delete third-party applications and the user data on the media card when the user permanently deletes all deivce data.

For more information, visit to read Erasing File Systems on BlackBerry Devices Technical Overview.


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