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PGP Allowed Content Ciphers IT policy rule


This rule specifies the encryption algorithms that a BlackBerry® device can use to encrypt PGP® protected messages.

Default value

The default value is to use all supported algorithms.


Specify the content ciphers that a BlackBerry device can use to encrypt PGP messages from the following list:

  • AES (256-bit)
  • AES (192-bit)
  • AES (128-bit)
  • CAST (128-bit)
  • Triple DES

To maintain compatibility with most PGP clients, use Triple DES encryption and CAST. By default, a BlackBerry device is designed to encrypt email messages using Triple DES encryption if it does not know the decryption capabilities available to a recipient.


If you configure the FIPS Level IT policy rule to 2, a BlackBerry device uses AES (256-bit), AES (192-bit), AES (128-bit), and Triple DES encryption.

Minimum requirements

  • Java® based BlackBerry device
  • PGP® Support Package for BlackBerry® smartphones version 4.1
  • BlackBerry® Application Suite version 1.0
  • BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.1
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server version 4.0 SP2


The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Novell® GroupWise® does not support this rule.

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