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Specify the applications that appear on the Today Home screen

The Today theme displays three application icons on the Home screen, by default (Messages, Calendar, and Call Log). You can add as many applications as you like to the Today Applications list; however, the Plazmic® Theme Builder only displays as many as will fit on the screen.
  1. Click the Home Screen button at the left of the Inspector pane.
  2. In the list of BlackBerry® Applications, click an application and drag it to the Today Applications list.
    • To replace an application in the list, drag the new application directly over the old application.
    • To add an application to the list, drag the new application onto the separator between two applications.
  3. Repeat step 2 to add additional applications.
  4. Reorder the applications as necessary.
    • To move an application in the Today Applications list, drag it up or down.
    • To switch the position of two applications, drag one application directly over the other.
    • To remove an application from the Today Applications list, select the application and click the Trash icon.


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