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Specify a color

  1. To open the Color Picker, click a color swatch.
  2. To specify a color, perform one of the following actions:
    Option Description
    Specify an RGB color.
    1. Click the RGB tab.
    2. Move the Red, Green, and Blue color slide bars to adjust the color.
    Specify an HSB color.
    1. Click the HSB tab.
    2. Move the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness slide bars to adjust the color.
    Select a color from the color wheel.
    1. Click the Wheel tab.
    2. To adjust the luminosity, move the slide bar on the luminosity scale at the right.
    3. Drag the pointer in the color wheel to the color you want. Each pixel in the wheel represents a different color.
    Specify a CMYK color.
    1. Click the CMYK tab.
    2. Move the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black color slide bars to adjust the color.
    Select a web-safe color.
    1. Click the Web tab.
    2. Click one of the web-safe color swatches.
    Select a color sample from anywhere on the screen.
    1. Click the eyedropper button to change the cursor to the eyedropper tool.
    2. Hold the pointer as you drag the eyedropper tool anywhere on the screen. The color selection box changes as you drag the eyedropper tool.
    3. To select a color, when the eyedropper tool is positioned over the color you want, release the pointer.
  3. To convert the selected color to a web-safe color, click the Web safe setting. The Plazmic® Theme Builder converts the color in the color selection box to the closest web-safe color.
  4. To save a color to the custom color palette, click the color displayed in the color selection box and drag it to any color swatch on the custom color palette.
  5. To apply the color to the theme element without closing the Color Picker, click Apply.
  6. To apply the color and close the Color Picker, click OK.


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