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Managing theme images and colors

You can use the Plazmic® Theme Builder catalogs to save images and colors for later use. Adding items to the Catalog panel creates a collection of resources that you can access at any time.

For example, if you want to create themes that are consistent in appearance across multiple BlackBerry® devices and you want to use similar background images and colors, create the first theme, then drag resources from that theme into a catalog. When you create a theme for a different BlackBerry device, you can select an item from the catalog and drag it to the appropriate location in the Inspector.

The Plazmic Theme Builder has the following default catalogs:
  • Tiled Images: stores images along with their border and tiling definitions
  • Images: stores static images
  • Colors: stores predefined colors
  • Scaled images for various screen sizes
  • Sample banner meters, hour glasses and volume meters

You can create additional catalogs and specify the types of items they can store.


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