Support for multiple payment types

The Payment Service permits BlackBerry device users to purchase digital goods by using PayPal, a credit card, or wireless service provider billing (if supported by the user's wireless service provider). The purchase process is designed to be consistent for all users, regardless of the type of payment they choose to use.

The revenue that you receive for the sale of digital goods remains the same regardless of the payment type that the user chooses.

Support for multiple license models

The Payment Service supports the sale of consumable digital goods, digital goods that require a one-time payment, and subscription-based digital goods. Consumable digital goods are purchased by users for each use. One-time payment digital goods are purchased by users only once, and the Payment Service server blocks subsequent purchases. Subscription-based digital goods are purchased initially by users, and then users are charged at regular intervals for continued use of the digital goods.

Simple and flexible implementation

The Payment Service SDK provides the functionality to handle the login and confirmation screens for a purchase so that you don't have to develop them yourself. The Payment Service also provides flexibility by allowing you to control the look and feel for how you present your users with purchase options and for how you deliver digital goods to your users.

Highly secure and reliable payment processing

To purchase digital goods, users must authenticate themselves with the Payment Service server by providing their BlackBerry ID credentials in the application. The Payment Service server handles the communication with payment providers (PayPal, credit card companies, and wireless service providers) so that you don't need to set up these relationships yourself and implement support for each payment provider in your application.

Thorough testing capabilities

The Payment Service SDK can support live testing. When testing your application with the live Payment Service server, you can configure a BlackBerry ID account and initiate test purchases of your digital goods without actually charging the account.

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