Files in the sample application

This file defines the LocalizationDemo class , the LocalizationDemoScreen class, and the InfoScreen class.

The LocalizationDemo class extends the UiApplication class, and contains the following constructor and methods:

  • main(String[ ] args) : contains a new instance of the application named theApp, provides the entry point to the sample application, and starts the main thread using theApp.enterEventDispatcher( )
  • LocalizationDemo() : constructs a new LocalizationDemo object and pushes a LocalizationDemoScreen object on to the display stack

The LocalizationDemoScreen class extends the MainScreen class, and implements the LocalizationDemoResource and FieldChangeListener interfaces. It contains the following constructor and methods:

  • LocalizationDemoScreen() : initializes the screen by creating the RichTextField, SeparatorField, and LabelField objects
  • fieldChanged(Field field, int context) : implementation of the FieldChangeListener interface listens for a BlackBerry® device user to select a locale and displays the menu when the ObjectChoiceField changes

The InfoScreen class extends MainScreen, implements LocalizationDemoResource and displays the information for the currently selected locale.

Resource files

File location



Icon for the Localization Demo application


Localized resource files for different locales

  • LocalizationDemo_ar.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_ca.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_cs.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_de.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_en.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_eu.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_fr.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_gl.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_he.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_hu.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_in.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_it.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_ja.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_ko.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_nl.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_pl.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_pt_BR.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_pt.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_ru.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_th.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_tr.rr
  • LocalizationDemo_zh_CN.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_zh_TW.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo_zh.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo.rrc
  • LocalizationDemo.rrh
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